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Penetration Testing

We conduct penetration tests against networks and web applications to identify security vulnerabilities before attackers find them. Our specialized testing often identifies critical vulnerabilities competitors and vulnerability scanners miss. In a world where environments are assumed hostile, this provides the fortification required to fend off attacks while providing you with peace of mind.

Threat Modeling

Our threat modeling approach identifies security issues early in the Software Development Lifecycle. This enables you to design robust products and services that are resilient to modern attack vectors.

Secure Code Review

We enhance the value of a traditional penetration test by incorporating white-box code reviews. This allows us to find deeper vulnerabilities, logic flaws, and authorization weaknesses that would be missed in a black-box test. This provides stronger assurance that all significant security flaws have been identified and addressed.

Red Teaming

This is our specialized service offering. We emulate the tactics, techniques and procedures of sophisticated adversaries to identify vulnerabilities before they can be exploited. We develop attack scenarios with attacker objectives in mind that are specific to your company's business. Some threat groups are driven financially, others politically. We emulate these threats using bleeding-edge methodologies.

PCI Compliance Testing

We provide the necessary testing to achieve PCI DSS certification. We run vulnerability scans and penetration tests to help meet your certification requirements while securing your services.


Castling provides various annual security training programs, ranging from security 101, social engineering to advanced web exploitation techniques.  We make sure our customers understand the fundamentals of the training so that you can strengthen your security posture, even after we’re gone.

Data Leak Investigation

If your company has fallen victim to a data breach, we can help. Our team has a proven track record of identifying data breaches and leak vectors. Whether it's through API abuse or backdoors, we can help identify and plug the source of the leak.


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